• Movement: WASD
  • Basic Attack: Left Click
  • Kick: F
  • Roll: Space
  • Slow Time: Shift (hold)
Game Over


- Move with WASD
- Aim with your mouse
- Attack with left click

- Roll with space
- Rolling gives you an iframe!
- You can roll through enemies and projectiles

- Kick with f
- Kicking enemies into walls stuns them
- Kicking enemies into other enemies stuns them both

- Slow time by holding shift
- Use sparingly, as it quickly drains your energy!

- The green bar is your health
- The blue bar is your energy
- Energy is drained via normal attacks and slowing time
- Regain 20 energy each floor
Defeat all the enemies on a floor to open the door to the next floor.
Try to make it to floor 10... Good Luck!

The Factory